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  • Publish your stories as virtual books (v-books)
  • Customize your formatting to add depth and realism
  • Share your experiences through third-party embedding
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Our Mission is to provide writers the tools they need
to design quality, immersive experiences so that readers
connect with content on a deeper emotional level.

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Customize Everything

Customize your story’s text font, color, size, styles, formatting, alignment and much more with our simple text processor.

Immerse Yourself

Experience the future of storytelling with ambient noise, audio narration and immersive environments that progress with the plot

Over 400 Free Textures

Utilize our premade covers and page styles, or upload custom designs to personalize your stories even more.

Add Interactive Media

Complete your stories with illustrations and interactive content such links, videos and special effects that engage your readers.

Connect with the Classics

At launch, our archive will contain over 50,000 public domain stories from the Gutenberg Project for our readers to enjoy.

Import Stories with our Content Retrieval Tool

Transport your published stories from over 50 supported websites using our content retrieval tool.

Third-Part Embedding

Share your stories on other websites like YouTube videos through our custom API

Frequently Asked Questions

When does public testing begin?

We’ll begin accepting testers near the end of July, depending on the progression of development. As our technology becomes more stable, we’ll invite more and more testers until everybody can provide feedback in our open Beta.

Do I keep the rights to my work?

Writers will forever retain all rights to their published work, including the rights to derivative and transformative works such as fanfiction.

How can I support the project?

We’ll provide more information about how testers can contribute to the development of LoreBooks directly in the coming weeks. Spreading the word about the LoreBooks Project is a great first step!

Something’s wrong with the book, what do I do?

If you’d like to report a bug with the lorebook technology at the top of the page, take a screenshot and use the Contact form below to submit it. Our technology is still under development, and we need all the feedback and reports we can get!

What file formats will be supported?

Although we currently only support HTML documents, we plan to add support for basic processor documents such as .doc, .docx and .odt, and eventually support all major document types such as PDF and EPUB

What are your plans for future development?

Once we’re confident with our ability to offer our technology on a massive scale, we’ll launch our Kickstarter to provide readers and writers a website to create the next generation of immersive experiences.

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